Theresa Kielburger v. Canadaland et al

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Here’s the statement of claim in Theresa Kielburger’s lawsuit against Canadaland, Jesse Brown and several of his employees.

The lawsuit focusses on Canadaland repeating, in its one-sided White Saviors Podcast, libels published in Saturday Night magazine in 1996. Craig Kielburger, then 13 years old, sued the magazine and writer Isabel Vincent, who now writes for the New York Post but was interviewed for the White Saviors podcast and stood by her original work. The magazine paid more than $300,000 to settle that suit.

The libels are detailed in the Statement of Claim. I am not going to repeat them here.

Theresa Kielburger alleges Canadaland republished these libels as fact, stated the settlement of the early lawsuit was not an admission of liability, and erroneously claimed the case had not gone before a judge. Canadaland  did nothing to get Mrs. Kielburger’s side of the story. The Statement of Claim says Canadaland owner Jesse Brown refused to retract or correct the libels about Mrs. Kielburger in the White Savior podcasts.

The repeated libels were published on at least one podcast site as “true crime”.

Mrs. Kielburger seeks $1 million in general damages, $1 million in aggravated damages, and $1 million in punitive damages, claiming Canadaland owner Jesse Brown acted with malice.

Here’s a link to the statement of claim.

Likely much more to come on this. The Kielburgers have been victimized by many in Canada’s incestuous media and political class, and it looks like they’re finally taking the battle to the people who have unfairly tried to destroy them and their lives’ work.